When Your Children Are Injured at School

Children can always find a way to get hurt, no matter where they are or how many adults are around. They are particularly susceptible to being injured at school, however, especially during gym class or while at recess. In fact, approximately five million children are injured while on or near school property.

Any time crowds of kids are playing hard, someone is bound to trip, fall or collide with someone else. When the school population is high, even the hallways and stairways become dangerous ground. When your child is injured at school, you need to have them examined by the professionals at Gateway Medical Group.

Common School Injury Causes

Studies show that most school-related accidents are slips and falls. While these accidents can happen in the gym and on the playground, they are also common inside the classroom. Any school child can tell you that school hallways can be hazardous and that book bags frequently block the classroom aisles. Just trying to get to your seat in English can be a dangerous endeavor.

Your child can also be injured on defective playground equipment. Some swings and slides may be old and unsteady. Even newer equipment may fail if it is not properly maintained. Your child’s school might have excellent playground equipment, but children are frequently careless or try unsafe maneuvers, such as jumping out of a swing or climbing up a slide backward.

Dodgeball, baseball and volleyball games can lead to some rough contact as well. Kids collide with other players or run into bleachers, leading to some nasty injuries. In older school buildings, heavy doors may injure students’ fingers and arms or students might tumble out of old and rotted windows. There are a million ways for students to be hurt while in an educational facility.

Seeking Treatment

School children are notorious for breaking limbs, incurring concussions and spraining muscles. Numerous children suffer from broken teeth and deep lacerations during their school days as well. Few students make it through their education without having at least a few accidents.

School nurses can take care of small injuries, but they simply are not equipped to handle the more serious ones. When your child has been injured at school, you should take them to the accident specialists at Gateway Medical Group. They can properly diagnose the issue and promptly offer the right treatment. When it comes to your child’s health, you cannot afford to delay.

Gateway Medical Group Services

The staff at Gateway Medical Group specializes in accident injuries, including those that take place in educational institutions. You will never pay out-of-pocket for your child’s treatment at Gateway because they provide treatment on a lien. Your bill will be paid by your legal settlement. You don’t need insurance or a hefty bank account to make sure your child gets the medical help that they need. The paperwork is not a problem, either. The staff at Gateway helps you to manage all aspects of your child’s case, including providing detailed documentation of their diagnosis, treatment and follow-up.

If you or your child is injured in the Tennessee area, call Gateway at 615-647-8178. Their skilled medical staff offers the latest treatments to accident victims, including those injured at school. When you or your family need help after an accident, contact Gateway.