When was the last time you walked on a smooth sidewalk or drove on uncracked concrete or pavement? Can’t remember? Many cities and states are having difficulty finding money in the budget to pay for sidewalk and street repairs and so they are left to deteriorate. Individual business owners don’t always make maintaining these surfaces a priority. Potholes and cracks are unattractive but, more importantly, they put you in danger of injury. You can easily trip and fall simply by leaving your house. When you are driving, hitting potholes and crumbling pavement can damage your vehicle and contribute to accidents. The world is not a smooth and even place to live, so you need to watch out for these sidewalk and road hazards.

Trip and Fall Dangers

The sidewalks near your home should be maintained by your city government. Sometimes, repairs to these surfaces are delayed due to a lack of available funding. Cracks in the concrete can easily lead to a fall, particularly for the sick or elderly. Often tree roots will raise up a section of sidewalk, making it quite difficult to navigate. When you trip over a crack or hole in the sidewalk, you can sustain serious injury.

Even walking from a parking lot into a store can be dangerous if the pavement is uneven. Potholes are common and can easily trip you up. Poorly maintained parking barricades can also cause you to stumble and fall. And uneven grates or utility covers can send you tumbling to the ground. Property owners are responsible for adequately maintaining their lots, but they don’t always do so. A simple trip over a parking lot curb could cause you immense harm.

Car Accident Causes

Poorly maintained streets and parking lots also contribute to motor vehicle accidents. When you hit an unexpected pothole, it can harm your tires, but more seriously, this sudden jolt can cause you to lose control of your car. You can easily cross over into the other lane and collide with another vehicle or go off the road entirely.

Crumbling parking lots are hazardous to drivers as well as pedestrians. Water-filled holes, loose barriers and poorly marked parking slots all lead to motor vehicle collisions or worse, collisions between vehicles and pedestrians. Injuries caused by poorly maintained surfaces can be severe.

Uneven Surface Injuries

Tripping and falling can lead to a number of serious injuries, including head trauma, soft tissue damage and bone fractures. The same type of injuries can also be caused by a motor vehicle collision. You may think of broken sidewalks and pothole-filled roads as a nuisance, but they are a true danger to your health. Cities and commercial property owners have a responsibility to maintain these surfaces to prevent you from having these accidents.

Gateway Medical Group

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