Even careful motorcyclists can easily be harmed in an accident, often through no fault of your own. Most motorcycle accidents are the result of other vehicle drivers, often those making a left turn. They often do not see or even look for you on the road, leaving you vulnerable to some horrific injuries. You can reduce your chance of being injured in an accident by wearing proper safety equipment and practicing safe driving. Regretfully, you cannot control the behavior of other drivers. If you are injured in a motorcycle accident, you need to immediately seek expert medical help.

Motorcycle Injuries

Even with the proper safety gear, motorcyclists are prone to a number of injuries simply because you are out in the open instead of being in a protective steel cab. A study by the CDC of non-fatal motorcycle injuries showed that the following were the most common injuries motorcyclists suffer in an accident:

  • Legs and feet. Protective boots help protect you, but a collision with a car or an incident forcing you to “put down” your bike can easily cause a fracture and serious skin injuries.
  • Head and neck. These injuries are often the most serious and occur frequently, particularly because many motorcyclists still do not wear helmets. Traumatic head injury is the cause of many fatalities and long-term cognitive impairment. Whiplash and other soft tissue injuries are also an issue.
  • Motorcycle accidents usually cause riders to be thrown from their bikes. These impacts can easily harm the spine, sometimes causing paralysis or otherwise impairing your mobility.
  • Upper Extremities. The hands and arms are also easily harmed in an accident. Riders frequently suffer fractures, sprains and lacerations that require treatment.

Accident Treatment

If you are involved in a motorcycle accident, you need to seek immediate assessment and treatment. You may believe your injuries are minor, but some do not become immediate apparent. These injuries require a thorough exam and advanced diagnostic tools to determine. You may also require orthopedic treatment, including complex surgery. Head traumas demand an MRI or CT scan to determine and often need months of expert care. Your injuries may also require advanced pain-management techniques to keep you comfortable. Finding the right place to get the care you need has to be a priority.

In addition, you need help from a medical facility with experience in personal injury cases. These experts can provide you with the legal documentation you need to pursue fair compensation for your injuries.

Gateway Medical Group

For motorcycle victims in the Nashville, Tennessee, area, Gateway Medical Group has the healthcare answers that you need. Gateway offers fast access to skilled professionals who can diagnose your injuries and begin treatment. These physicians also have strong relationships with other area specialists and can easily refer you for additional services.

Accident treatment and recovery can take months or even years, but you never have to worry about finances when you visit Gateway. They offer healthcare on a lien, which means you do not pay a cent out-of-pocket. Instead, your bills are paid by your legal settlement. You do not need costly health insurance to get the help that you need. For more information, call 615-647-8178.

Motorcycle accidents often cause devastating injuries. If you are in a motorcycle collision, you need to seek an immediate medical evaluation. Remember, many injuries are more serious than you may initially believe, so never go without medical treatment after an accident.