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Patient Services

Immediate Appointment Availability

We make immediate appointment availability a priority for emergency cases. Although we do our best to treat every patient with care and respect by offering scheduled appointments, we set aside immediate appointment availability for those in critical need. If you feel you are in need of an immediate appointment availability, please let us know so that we may assist you appropriately.

New Patient Consultation

When you come to Gateway Medical for your injuries, we begin with a new patient consultation and examination with a medical specialist. We schedule your new patient consultation in a timely manner and set up any other tests or medical appointments with other specialists as soon as possible.

Medical Reports

At Gateway Medical, we understand how important it is for your doctor to receive quick medical reports during your care. Soon, we will have all patient files in an electronic medical record format so that your medical records are instantaneously available to your doctor. As usual, your privacy is very important to us in our quick medical reports system.

Reconstructive Surgery

After an accident, some patients may require plastic and reconstructive surgery to improve functions and also to approximate a normal appearance. Our plastic and reconstructive surgeons are Board Certified in Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery. We work with your attorney to make sure that your plastic and reconstructive surgery is covered either through insurance or your case.

About Us

Gateway Medical Group has been working closely with the Tennessee community for over a decade. We pride ourselves on our patient-focused team of doctors that specialize in treating those who have been injured. At the core of Gateway Medical Group, we believe that insurance should not be a determining reason as to why a person may or may not receive quality medical care. That’s why we have built our clinic around providing all services on a lien.

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