Traditionally, the New Year is associated with a fresh start and new opportunities. In reality, many Americans face new worries, including higher health care costs. Insurance premiums are still rising and the cost of care is increasing as well. Even if you are managing to pay for your medications and regular treatment, an accident injury can put you over the edge financially. When you’ve been in an accident, you deserve state-of-the-art care without having to worry about accident injury cost. Luckily, there are medical facilities who focus on helping accident victims.

Insurance Issues

The average insurance rate increase was 25% in 2017 and 30% in 2018. This year the increase is lower, 3%, but the cumulative effect of the last few years has made paying for health insurance quite difficult for many families. Even the rates in the government-sponsored ACA program have continued to rise. Those who are enrolled in employer insurance have seen increases in their deductible and copays. As a result, we still have a significant number of people in this country who cannot afford insurance. An accident injury can prove devastating to these citizens.

Accident Injury Cost

If you are the victim of an accident such as a vehicle collision or fall, you can incur injuries that are expensive to treat. Even a simple leg fracture can cost you $2500 or more without insurance. If you require surgery to fix a compound fracture, you could be on the hook for $20,000 -$30,000 dollars. Of course, these treatments are not optional. You cannot ignore broken bones.

Most spinal cord injuries are caused by traffic accidents and falls, and they can be devastating, causing permanent loss of mobility. The cost to treat these injuries can easily be over $1,000,000. Of course, that figure does not include post-operative care and the long-term help patients may need afterward. The lifetime costs can be astronomical.

Head traumas require advanced imaging and possible long-term treatment as well. In fact, traumatic brain injury can easily cost between $85,000 and $3,000,000 to treat over a lifetime. Whiplash, sprains, and cracked bones are less expensive to treat, but you can still pay thousands for medical care. For the uninsured, treatment for broken rib can wreck their financial situation.

Gateway Medical Group

Uninsured accident victims in the Tennessee community can get the medical care they need at Gateway Medical Group. The expert staff at Gateway provide services on a lien, which means you pay nothing up front. Your bills will be covered by your legal settlement. As a result, you can focus all your attention on getting well.

Gateway offers a number of services, including patient evaluation, orthopedic surgery, pain management and imaging via affiliates. They also offer immediate appointments and comprehensive case management. As you go through the treatment and recovery process, you will have an entire team at your side, providing excellent care, specialist referrals and precise documentation.

The cost of insurance is high in the United States, and the cost of treatment without insurance is much higher. At Gateway Medical, you don’t need to worry about being uninsured. They provide advanced health care for accident victims who do not have insurance and help them navigate through bureaucratic complications. For more information, call 615-647-8178 so you can get the care you need.