Accidents do so much harm to you and to your family. You may face the loss of income, damaged or destroyed property and serious physical issues. For some unlucky victims, chronic pain results from their injuries. Seeking immediate treatment after an accident can help you avoid permanent disability. Expert accident doctors can diagnose the cause of intense pain and offer prompt treatment that improves your quality of life and speeds your healing. A facet injection can help you deal with the debilitating pain that can be caused by your accident injuries. You can find this type of pain treatment at Gateway Medical Group, where they focus on the needs of personal injury victims.

Facet Injection Basics

For some patients, the cause of their pain lies in the facet joints. These joints are located in the spine and allow your back to bend and flex easily. The spinal nerves run through these joints and link to other areas of your body. A facet injection works to block the transmission of pain from a back or neck injury.

Facet injections are used for pain management when other common pain control methods are not effective. The procedure is simple and does not require sedation, although some patients may need some medication to help them relax. The doctor then performs the following steps:

  • A doctor will numb a small area of skin with a local anesthetic.
  • The doctor uses fluoroscopy (X-ray) to guide the needle into the facet joint.
  • The doctor then injects a bit of contrast dye to make certain the needle is in the joint. This is followed by an anesthetic and a steroid/cortisone mixture.
  • The entire procedure lasts approximately 30 minutes.

Even when the facet joint is the cause of your pain, relief may take several hours to begin. Many patients do find facet injections work to lessen or eliminate their pain, allowing them to resume their daily schedule. Plus, they do not have to rely upon dangerous opioids just to get through their day.

Professional Help

Accidents can cause numerous short-term and long-term injuries. Extreme pain is one of these complications. When pain makes it impossible for you to function normally, you need more than OTC medication. Even prescription pain relief may not be effective. That’s why you need access to a medical facility that works with accident victims and understands your physical situation, including the effects of severe pain. They can provide the best pain relief methods currently available.

Gateway Medical Group

When you are injured in an accident, you need to seek expert medical help. Many injuries may not be apparent immediately after you fall or are in a motor vehicle accident, so you need to be properly diagnosed. In the Nashville area, you should contact Gateway Medical Group.

At Gateway, you get the help you need without worrying about insurance coverage or the current state of your finances. Therefore, your bill is covered by your legal settlement, so you can get the medical treatment that you need to recover properly from your injuries. Additionally, the medical staff performs advanced pain management treatment, including facet injections. Don’t be left to battle crippling pain on your own. For more information about Gateway Medical Group, call 615-647-8178. At Gateway, you will get prompt, top-notch pain treatment that will help get you back on your feet and fully functioning again.