The Importance of an Independent Medical Evaluation

When you have been injured in any type of accident, you need to seek medical evaluation and treatment. A simple fall down the stairs can cause serious injury that has serious long-term effects. You may choose to visit the emergency room, an urgent care facility or your own personal doctor to receive treatment. While they can all provide basic medical care, it may not be enough to satisfy the insurance company or help your legal team protect your interests. That’s when you need an independent medical evaluation from Gateway Medical Group.

IME Basics

An independent medical examination is one performed by a doctor who is considered objective when it comes to your care. This physician will be someone who has never treated you before and is acceptable to the other parties involved. For instance, if you are pursuing a worker’s compensation claim, your employer’s insurance company may insist on your having such an evaluation. In the case of a personal injury case, the judge may request that you have an IME. In some instances, you may request one yourself to better protect your interests, particularly if you do not agree with your first doctor’s assessment.

IME Process

During an IME, the physician will work to confirm your initial diagnosis. If you’ve been diagnosed with a hip injury, for instance, they will look at your previous imaging and exam information and perform their own examination. The IME doctor may recommend further testing or perform some additional tests of their own. They will then write up a report that expresses their own conclusions. Often, their opinion carries a great deal of weight since they are considered more objective than your original doctor.

Your relationship with the IME doctor is different than with your own physician. You do not enjoy doctor/patient privilege with these doctors, so anything you say may be repeated. That’s why getting an ethical and experienced doctor for your IME is essential.

Gateway Medical Group IME

If you are injured in the Nashville, Tennessee area, you should seek help from the Gateway Medical Group. They specialize in treating accident victims, and part of their patient case management includes performing independent medical examinations or recommending specialists who can. These IME exams are always performed by experienced physicians who are completely objective and have had no part in your previous treatment. When liability is an issue in your case, you may need an IME. If you do, it is vital that you have access to experts who will fairly evaluate your injuries.

Gateway Medical Group Services

The staff at Gateway Medical Group specialize in accident injuries, including moving vehicle collisions, slip and fall injuries and work-related injuries. Treatment at Gateway means no out-of-pocket expense for you. You never have to worry about your insurance status or bank account balance since your legal settlement will pay your medical bills. The Gateway staff will help manage all aspects of your case, including independent medical examinations if necessary. Gateway takes care to guide you through diagnosis, treatment and follow-up after you have been injured.

If you are injured in an accident in the Tennessee area, call Gateway at 615-647-8178. Their accident specialists offer cutting-edge treatment, including IMEs and complete case management. As always, Gateway offers you the best in accident-related care.